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We Believe, When a dream comes true, It should Continue.The Kuwait Turkish Catering Company & Restaurant started its first vision to develop Sultanchef Steakhouse to reach to the INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. Sultanchef Steakhouse restaurant achieved an outstanding success for three consecutive years in all three branches located in KUWAIT.Since the customer’s satisfaction is our first goal, The Sultanchef Steakhouse team worked hard to achieve the quality of food presented and the excellent service in addition to the promotional offers that distinguished Sultanchef Steakhouse from other restaurants. Sultanchef Steakhouse restaurant received recommendation letters from international Master Chefs and gained recognized value certificates in the rules and regulations of Sultanchef Steakhouse organizations. Sultanchef Steakhouse is the mixture of Eastern and Western civilizations.It is a western steakhouse vision with TURKISH identity belonged to everyone who knows the taste of meat in all kinds.Thus Sultanchef Steakhouse became a well-known restaurant in every place in the east and west and internationally recognized.

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