اسم العلامة التجارية
بلد المنشأ
Saudi Arabia
رسوم الامتياز لوحدة واحدة
80.000 SAR
نسبة حقوق الإمتياز (شهرية ) %
نسبة التسويق (شهرية) %
متوسط التكاليف ومبلغ الاستثمار
580.000 SAR
Number of Branchs

Dozen joined the Saudi Arabian market in 2019.
We brought the delicious and perfect 12 types of Donuts with luxury forms and fresh taste, in addition to our exquisite barista menu.
Our clients favorize our way and place to eat and enjoy the experience of Dozen. In addition to that Dozen receive your special orders such as birthdays, new born and any idea you have we make it come true.