Decaf Dessert & Coffee Labe

Decaf  Dessert & Coffee Labe
Decaf  Dessert & Coffee Labe
اسم العلامة التجارية
Decaf Dessert & Coffee Labe
بلد المنشأ
United Arab Emirates
رسوم الامتياز لوحدة واحدة
250.000 - 300.000 AED
نسبة حقوق الإمتياز (شهرية ) %
نسبة التسويق (شهرية) %
متوسط التكاليف ومبلغ الاستثمار
1.000.000 AED
Number of Branchs

Offers a select ion of special products covering coffee, beverages, finger foods, breakfast and sweet s that will bring delight sand warmth in our restaurant with its cozy atmosphere.
The idea is to create a modern and Comfortable place where you can eat your breakfast while reading newspaper or a book, browse in the internet, savour the noontide with friends, or have a sip to ease yourself after a long crazy day.