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About The Brand

Update Kitchen is all about exquisite, handcrafted goodness in everything that we do. Inherent our concept is the constant update of offering flavors, packaging, and presentation.
The update kitchen was born out of a singular obsession – to bring most iconic symbol of Arabian tradition and hospitality to the modern era. In this new approach, dates are fun, innovative, and versatile. While they remain firmly rooted in the past,
they also young, contemporary, and adventurous. Most importantly however, they constantly evolving and are always full of delightful possibility.
At Update Kitchen, quality is not cliché but a commitment that we take very seriously.
All our products are a creative mix of delicious, fresh, and wholesome ingredients made from scratch to exacting standards and unique propriety recipes



Establish Year

Saudi Arabia

Coffee Shops


Center Office

No. of Labors


Space Required

120 M

Training Period

30 Days

5 years

Contract Period

No. of Branches


Franchise Characteristics

Franchise Fees

70.000 SAR

Royalty Fees

5.5 %

Marketinf Fees

1.5 %

Investments Cost

kiosk 250.000 SAR / shop : 400.000 SAR

Equipment Cost

A- 45.000 SAR / B- 150.000 SAR

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