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Maskob, a Saudi brand, took it upon itself to restore the prestige of tea in the Saudi market in a professional and innovative way. Maskoob specializes in providing hot tea and cold tea in several types and flavors, with high quality and distinctive taste, and with recipes and mixtures specific to the brand, in addition to providing baked goods prepared daily. The baked goods have been carefully studied so that they are suitable for the tea experience at Maskoob. Since the beginning of the idea, Maskoob has been keen to create an atmosphere that suits the taste of tea connoisseurs by designing the branch in a unique way that makes the tea experience at Maskoob worth a repeat visit. Maskoob relied on understanding the needs of the market and customers through a variety of drinks and baked goods to suit all tastes, with high quality, delicious taste and a competitive price, making Maskoob always the first choice among tea lovers.



Establish Year

Saudi Arabia

Coffee Shops

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Starting investments 

100.000-150,000 SR

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