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MASHKUK BIHUB A Saudi restaurant specializing in preparing the most delicious and delicious Arabic shawarma. With a team of the most skilled chefs, he was able to draw a smile on the faces of many customers with good taste by offering the most delicious and best items. Every slice of our chicken tells an exciting story of distinctive taste and authentic taste. We care well about the quality of the ingredients and products that we use. We do not choose Except for the finest and best varieties and products, which has made the Shawarma Mushkhoub Restaurant a landmark for everyone looking for the authentic taste and unique taste.



Establish Year

Saudi Arabia

Foods and Drinks

Center Office

No. of Labors

Space Required

Training Period

Contract Period

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Franchise Characteristics

Starting investments 

120,000 SR

Royalty Fees


Marketinf Fees


Investments Cost

Equipment Cost

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