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Brand name

Chocolate Bash

About The Brand

Indulge in a chocolate adventure that will both thrill and satisfy your senses. Rekindle the joy you had as a child when you bit into a delicious treat! Let your imagintion run wild and happiness overwhelm you. انغمس في مغامرة الشوكولاتة التي ستشعر بالإثارة وترضي حواسك. أشعل من جديد فرحتك عندما كنت طفلاً عندما تتناول حلوى لذيذة! دع خيالك ينطلق جامحًا والسعادة تطغى عليك.



Establish Year


Foods and Drinks


Center Office

No. of Labors

Space Required

Training Period

2 weeks

10 years

Contract Period

No. of Branches


Franchise Characteristics

Starting investments 

30.000 $

Royalty Fees


Marketinf Fees


Investments Cost


Equipment Cost

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