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Finnish creative education for future innovators

Arkki is a multiple award winning creative education brand globally. Established and awarded the official STEAM education by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, the brand has since been expanded to over 9 countries, supporting both public and private education systems around the world with the most relevant and up-to-date creative education programs.

Arkki Business Proposition:
One of the hottest industries responding to Industry 4.0 and the creative economy.
Tested and proven methodology through over 25 years of creative education excellence from Finland, one of the most innovative countries in the world.
Structured programs for all ages from 4-19 years old
Excellent innovation training programs for corporates
Low Capex, high ROI
About Arkki:
Country of Origin: Finland Year Founded: 1993 Date Franchising Commenced: 2000
Number of Units: 70

With the rapid development of the creative economy and the startup & innovation culture across the globe, old education system is no longer relevant. In order to prepare our next generations with the skills, knowledge and qualities to solve complex problems of the future, it is mandatory that we provide them with a new approach to creative education. Developed in Finland, one of the most innovative countries in the world since 1993, with the official Arkki Curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2008, Arkki's mission is to empower children and youth with the most essential skills for becoming innovative influencers of the future through creative education.

Arkki Currently Operates in these Countries:

China Croatia
Turkey Vietnam
Arkki Video:

Arkki Income Streams:
Sub-licensing fee
Tuition fee from own centers
Royalty fee from sub-licensees
Training fee from corporate programs
Arkki Training & Support:

Orientation training for new Master Licensees & opening team
Market entry strategy and launch plan support
New market opening support (up to 2 weeks)
On-going train-the-trainer programs for each new module launched
Startup & innovation ecosystem connection support
Type of Franchises Offered by Arkki Internationally:
Master Franchise Opportunities
Area Development Franchise Opportunities
Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities
Arkki International Franchisee Profile:

Having existing network or businesses catering to children and youth, preferably in the education sector
Strong understanding of 21st century education catering to the need of the creative economy
Strong management team
Strong financial background
Arkki Franchise Opportunities Available in these Countries:
Malaysia Myanmar

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