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Forward thinking palletised freight distribution network

Pall-Ex is award-winning network of quality operators collaborate to deliver leading freight distribution services across the globe.

Pall-Ex Business Proposition:
By becoming our Master licence partner, you can benefit from:

Expanding the portfolio of your services
Additional revenue stream for your existing business
Joining a business model with great ROI
Expediting your business growth
First class licensee support (IT, Brand, Training & On-boarding)
Lucrative business model where 80-90% of volume comes from sub-licensees
Uniting local SME’s under one brand allowing them to compete with large logistic companies
Allowing for very high vehicle utilization and cost effective distribution of small consignment loads (average 1.3 pallets)
Market leading IT solution
About Pall-Ex:

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Year Founded: 1996
Date Franchising Commenced: 2009
Number of Hubs: 9 Master Licensees and 600+ sub licensees

Established in 1996 in response to market trends and just in time demands. Today, Pall-Ex Group is an award-winning network of hauliers comprising two leading UK pallet networks plus 9 Master Licensee networks in Mainland Europe covering 12 territories. Pall-Ex embodies one strong and vibrant brand across Europe utilizing Master License approach. Pall-Ex is the beating heart of the logistics industry, transporting more than 35,000 pallets across the globe every day with support from its carefully selected national and international logistics partners. Pall-Ex vision is to become the leading global palletised freight distribution network by working with like minded partners across their local territories.

Pall-Ex Currently Operates in these Countries:

Belgium Czech Republic France Italy
Portugal Republic of Ireland Romania Slovak Spain United Kingdom
Pall-Ex Video:

Pall-Ex Income Streams:
Hub fee - Transhipment fee per pallet
Membership fees - Initial and ongoing fees from sub-licensees
Corporate volumes - Manage direct customers via the network to make collections/deliveries
Group procurement Offer to centrally procure items to network at a small margin
Added value warehouse related revenue streams
Pall-Ex Training & Support:

Comprehensive IT, Operations, network, marketing and business training at the HQ in UK for key the staff members of the ML. Manuals and supporting documents are provided to cover all business aspects. We support our ML's with the operational set up as well as sub licensee's recruitment and we believe we are more like a business partners to our ML's rather than just a Master Licensor.

Type of Licenses Offered by Pall-Ex Internationally:
Master Franchise Opportunities
Area Development Franchise Opportunities
Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities
Pall-Ex International Licensee Profile:

A strong knowledge and awareness of the local transport and distribution market. Financially sound, strong networking values, systems-oriented, driven, possess good sales and communication skills and come from a management background, visionary entrepreneursizeable national infrastructure, reputable business history.

Pall-Ex License Opportunities Available in these Countries:
Australasia Bahrain Cambodia Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar Oman
Qatar Singapore Thailand UAE Asia Pacific Middle East Worldwide

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