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National Franchises is a global franchise marketplace and franchising portal The annual portal audience is 5,500,000 for all marketplaces entrepreneurs from more than 150 countries!
Our mission is to spread profitable business models around the world!


Why you should add your franchise to our catalog

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Targeted traffic

The portal was launched in 2017 and its traffic is growing exponentially. Now our monthly audience is about 170 000 visitors.

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International lead generation

International reach expands across more than
150 countries.

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The high conversion rate

National Franchises visitors are real entrepreneurs, investors and prospective franchisees. The average conversion rate is 2.7%

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High ranking on major search engines

We work hard to get our portal to the top of Google SERPs for thematic search queries.

How to grow your franchise sales?

Please follow 3 simple steps to add your franchise to National Franchises
catalog and from the very first days get applications from prospective
franchisees and master franchisees from all around the world!


Upload Main Contracts


Get the Approval ASAP 


Upload Brand Details

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Want to advertise your franchise with us
and successfully boost your business?

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